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cz131 special-shaped copper bar

CZ131 | Columbia Metals

14  · CZ131 (CW606N) is a riveting and turning brass consisting of a duplex phase structure with a fine dispersion of lead particles. The alloy offers good strength and

  • ALLOY NAMEBSUNSBS ENCZ­10­1 (C­W5­01­L)CZ­10­1C2­20­00CW­50­1LCZ­10­8 (C­W5­08­L)CZ­10­8C2­74­00CW­50­8LCZ­10­9 (C­W5­09­L)CZ­10­9C2­80­00CW­50­9LCZ­11­0 (C­W7­02­R)CZ­11­0C6­87­00CW­70­2Rwww.columbiametals.com14

    CW606N (CZ131) Bar Grade - Brass, Copper Alloys

    CW606N/CZ131, designed to provide a compromise between machinability, ductility and strength, is a riveting and turning brass with a duplex phase structure containing a fine


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