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6061 flame cutting

Cracking and Failure Characteristics of Flame Cut Thick

2020130 · The manufacturing of thick wear-resistant steel plates commonly leads to a layered structure and non-uniform properties in the thickness direction which makes the

: T. Jokiaho, S. Santa-aho, P. Peura, M. Vippola

Effect of cutting parameters on heat generation in ultra

2015417 · This paper aims to study the cutting-induced heat generation on the machined surface in ultra-precision raster milling (UPRM) by using the time-precipitates

: S. J. Wang, X. Chen, Suet To, Suet To, X. B. Ouyang, Q. Liu, J. W. Liu, Wing Bun Lee, Wing Bun Lee

6061T6、F、O -

2022424 · 6061T6、F、O. 1、T6。. T6,6061,———